Used Ozone Generators

Semiconductor Ozone Solutions tests and confirms each generators operational capabilities with our semiconductor rated gases and equipment before shipment. Our generators are shipped well protected in foam padded crates which ensure there is no damage during shipment. In addition we contact the OEM to acquire original documentation related to installation, operation and service whenever available.

SOS eliminates the risk of buying complex generation systems from eBay where the sellers generally have no understanding of what the are selling and no means to test, refurbish and restore generation systems to their full operational condition. We have the facilities, experience and contacts to provide high quality used generators and analyzers for your application.

  • Sorbios O3 GenSorbios/Astex/MKS Ozone Generator 90.2 g/Hr LP Three in Stock
  • Sorbios/Astex/MKS Ozone Generator 90.2 g/HP, XP One HP and One XP in Stock

Both Generators above were used on Submicron Systems/Akrion Wet Stations. LP used for Sulfuric tanks with in tank dispersion plate. XP used for DIO3 creation by in-line injection. The ASTEX HP & XP generators have higher output ozone pressure capabilities. The higher output pressure rating enables injection into membrane style infusers.

The IN USA OG-5000 generator has a high output ozone pressure typically around 35 PSI. At this pressure the generator is capable of providing 250 g/NM3 concentrations. The higher output pressure rating enables injection into membrane style infusers. This generator is in excellent working and good cosmetic condition. If desired SOS can integrate this generator into a 19inch rack mount cabinet with exhaust and all required control/monitoring equipment. Out of Stock


SOS can save you a great deal of money if your company will accept used semiconductor rated ozone generation equipment. New ozone generation racks can cost as much as $160 Thousand dollars. This is often too much for most companies budgets. SOS understands so we search the internet for the best deals on components and build high quality generation systems which we will warranty and support. SOS will fill in the gaps where necessary to connect the components together and often build the cabinets ourselves to complete the customization making the finished product look as good as new. If your company has a limited budget but big plans, give us a call and we will assemble the best solution for you.

ASTEX 8200 Ozone Delivery System with Safety Monitors to detect leaks at point of use and generation. This cabinet also provides a Generator Controller which enables the generation rack to operate on command from the system requiring ozone. Ozone concentration is also monitored by the system. Typical concentration is 150 g/NM3. All required nitrogen purge and zeroing hardware is integrated inside the cabinet with ozone killers present on all exhaust lines. SOS will provide the system tested and calibrated. Installation support is also available.

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