New Generators

Air Cooled Generator designed for high medium concentrations (80–125g/Nm3)

For infusers integral to the rinse or process tank, ozone may be delivered at lower concentrations with greater impact providing significant savings in some process applications. Contact SOS for Technical Support to ensure your hardware is sized appropriately. The AC Series Generator is capable of delivering ultra pure ozone in lower quantities for more localized applications.

  • Designed for high medium concentrations (80 – 125 g/Nm3)
  • Air Cooled Generator
  • Low cost

IN USA OG-5000

The high purity wetted materials in the OG-5000 series, combined with an innovative cell design, unique sealing technique and a state of the art controller ensures the production of high purity and very high concentration ozone gas to meet the demanding requirements of all applications in the Semiconductor Industry.

  • Designed for high concentrations and high flow rates (over 250g/Nm3)
  • Water Cooled Generator
  • High Purity silent corona discharge

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