Astex Semozone 90.2 Replacment

SOS offers a turn key replacement kit for the Astex Semozone 90.2 XP, HP and LP ozone generators. Repair of these systems has become challenging as well. We are often contacted with the system down and the user desperate to find a replacement. Although SOS attempts to keep operational systems in stock to support the market needs, we are also offering replacement systems. Replacements can be accomplished in several ways with many different generators. What sets SOS apart is that we have the wet process and engineering experience required to properly integrate the new ozone generators to whatever wet process tool they may have been used with.

Astex to IN USA Corp Upgrade

Shown below a Semozone 90.2 generator was replaced with a IN USA Corp OG-5000

Legacy Systems O3 Cabinet

Astex Semozone 90.2 to Astex 8200 or 8400 upgrades are available as well. New or used generator options are provided for your application. Give us a call and we will help you decide which replacement generator option will work best for your needs. To properly integrate the new ozone generator it is often necessary to produce a communications conversion interface box. These converters are custom made depending on the specific needs. In some cases the conversion is done with a PLC. Examples of our conversion boxes are shown below. In either case SOS will travel to the site, evaluate the installation needs and provide all the parts and support required to complete the conversion. We appreciate the opportunity to evaluate your specific needs and look forward to helping you keep your ozone systems operating for many years to come.


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