Used Ozone Delivery Systems

ASTEX 8200 Ozone Delivery System with IN USA Monitors and Control

For new installations and/or existing wet process tools requiring ozone for DIO3, SOM or surface conversion rinse tanks our ozone generation cabinets are essential. SOS provides value by refurbishing ozone delivery systems for use on such applications. Our systems produce the right combination of O2 & N2 supply gas blending, ozone generation, flow controls all integrated with the right containment, safety monitoring at the right cost for your specific needs. This ozone generation system provides secondary containment in an exhausted cabinet. The system also includes a 4 channel ozone leak detection system to monitor point of use air quality (operator safety) and cabinet leak detection (maintenance safety) as well as two more points of use. In addition the system has a integrated ozone concentration monitor. For remote control of the ozone delivery system the rack includes a generator controller. This controller will accept enable and generate signals from your wet station or other point of use tool. SOS will help with installation and integration of the rack to your system. We also offer warranties on all refurbished systems. SOS reduces your risk and costs enabling you to move your process forward.

Similar ozone delivery systems cost $157,000. SOS can supply the system shown above at a great price and save your company money while providing the required support and ensure your success as well.


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