Ozone Analyzers

IN USA Ozone Monitors

IN-2000 Monitor/Cabinet

Ozone leak detection monitor used for detection of Ozone in cabinets or rooms. Also used to measure ozone destruct efficiency in exhaust streams.

Condition = Used but in good operating and physical condition

IN-2000 Rack Mount

Same as unit above but this unit is designed to fit in a 19 inch standard rack cabinet. This unit can be used as a table top monitor for room or localized POU monitor but generally this unit is used as a part of a larger system with secondary containment.

Typical System Features:

  • Measurement Ranges 0 – 1, 0 – 10, 0 – 100, 0 – 1000 PPM
  • Pressure and Temperature Compensation
  • Flow Sensor
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Self Zeroing
  • Analog and Digital Outputs
  • Dual Field Programmable Alarms per Channel
  • CE Compliant

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