SOS Custom Ozone Delivery Systems

For new installations and/or existing wet process tools requiring ozone for recirculated DIO3 organic cleans, Sulfuric Ozone or DIO3 resist strip and post oxide strip surface conversion within rinse tanks. Our ozone delivery system can be custom configured to meet all your needs at a reasonable price. SOS provides value by using our process experience to produce the right combination of hardware to meet your applications supply gas flow and concentration requirements.

Our systems can be configured with either BMT or Teledyne ozone sensors, controller and monitors. SOS will provide a system that also matches your existing spare parts stock and technical experience. Our ozone delivery systems provide MFC blending of oxygen and nitrogen to ensure the correct mixture, resulting in the highest concentration output at any flow rate. Our ozone generation system controls are all integrated to a Windows 11 based software package. Our software utilizes user friendly graphics displayed on a 12-inch color touchscreen. Each system provides proper containment, ozone generation interlocks and safety monitoring. Providing secondary containment solutions with exhausted cabinets and ozone leak detection are often necessary but are not always required. Given the various needs of your process application and installation, the ozone generation systems cost can be fit to your budget. In addition, the generator electronic controls can be highly sophisticated, simplified or even eliminated in some situations.


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