In Tank Agitation

Localized agitation or infusion is sometimes helpful to maintain a properly mixed solution by stiring the tank contents or boosting the levels of infused gases in the solution. Agitation in close proximity to the wafers can also create a mechanical abrasion affect that can help strip photo-resist from the wafer surface or increase the ozone PPM levels at the wafer during high flow rinse cycles.

By matching the right materials for your specified process application this in tank infuser can produce a wide variety of process benefits. These units can be utilized to simply agitate the tank, inject HCL gas, Nitrogen, CO2 or even locally infuse Ozone.

Tell us your application need and we will provide the right infuser to produce the desired effect. All agitation products are available in Natural Poly, PVDF/Kynar, Halar, PTFE with Teflon Membranes.

SOS Advantages

In-Tank Infuser Assembly

  • Narrow Focused “Localized” Agitation Provides the Greatest Improvement in Mechanical Stripping of Stubborn Chemical Residue in Rinse Tanks.
  • Focused Agitation Improves DIO3 Photo-resist Removal Etch Rates in Recirculated DIO3 Processes.
  • SOS Agitators Provide Consistent Agitation Along the Entire Length of the Assembly Making Them More Effective Then Dispersion Plate Agitation or Simple Teflon Tubing Assemblies.
  • SOS Agitators are Constructed Utilizing High Purity PTFE Membranes Manufactured to Your Specific Coverage Needs.
  • Agitation Provides More Consistent Process Results by Elimination of Chemical Lamination Effects within Static Process Tanks.

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