Integral DIO3 Retrofits

DIO3 Infusion System

Fully Integrated DIO3 Systems can be complicated to install and fine tune. Ozone generators need to be specifically tuned to each individual wet process system. The facilities for each wet station have variations in pressure, flow and often the delivery distance from generation to point of use further complicates the integration.

Blend and Generation Systems

Regardless of your process application or facility challenges, SOS has the experience to integrate and fine tune the generation and infusion components to provide optimal results. Ozone injections kits are available to provide bubble free or ultra high concentrations 40-85PPM with effervescent systems.

The proper balance of infusion, generation and pressure stabilization equipment can save your company time and money. Improper utilization of these components can seriously damage your infusers or generators. Save yourself the stress and aggravation. Let SOS design and support your installation needs or fine tune your existing system.

Mini-SCI User Control Interface

SOS uses many of the ozone generation and monitoring products available in the marketplace to create the right solution for your applications. SOS has the right combination of components and sub systems that allow you to safely produce and use ozone to achieve desired results for your challenging process applications.

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