452 Signal Converter

Semiconductor Ozone Solutions IN USA Corporation Mini SCI MUX and gFFOZ Alternative

Ozone gas concentration monitors are used in a wide variety of semiconductor device manufacturing applications. IN USA Corporation provided a sensor model gFFOZ which was monitored by a Mini SCI MUX controller. IN USA Corporation was acquired by Teledyne and due to integrated device obsolescence the Gffoz sensor has become unsupported by Teledyne. Semiconductor Ozone Solutions has stepped up to provide both repair and calibration services as well as produced an alternative.

As the Gffoz sensors have become difficult to find we developed a form fit and function substitute to the Mini SCI MUX controller. Our 452 signal converter enables gFFOZ sensor users to replace the Gffoz sensor with a Teledyne 452 0-20%wt gas concentration sensor. The 452 sensor will fit in the same space, use the same VCR connections and connect using the same cables.

The Teledyne 452 sensor by itself isn’t compatible with the IN USA Mini-SCI MUX controller that communicates with the wet station. Semiconductor Ozone Solutions 452 signal converter fits in the same space as the IN USA Mini SCI_MUX and will communicate with the wet station. The SOS 452 signal converter will receive signals from the 452 sensor and provide similar sensor monitoring, zeroing, control and display capabilities.

Now you can buy the 452 sensors directly or as part of the SOS LLC replacement kit and connect them to our signal converter in just minutes to avoid down time on systems dependent on the Mini SCI MUX / gFFOZ sensors.


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