Gas Infuser Products

Semiconductor Ozone Solutions will provide the right infuser for your application and the technical knowledge required for its successful installation and utilization. All our products are available with pressure imbalance protection components which ensure your purchase will operate trouble free immediately upon installation and reliably well into the future.


Process Applications For Ozone Injection

  • FeOL Wafer Surface Conversion from Hydrophobic to Hydrophilic
  • FeOL Growing Consistent Oxide Layers for Improved Gate Performance
  • FeOL DIO3 Ashed Photoresist Residue Removal
  • FeOL DIO3 Cleaning Process for Removal of Organics
  • FeOL HCL Ozone Wafer Reclaim Metal Strip
  • Ozone Injection System
  • Applications For Inert Gas Injection
  • Chemical Agitation in Static Tanks for Consistent Process Results
  • FeOL Chemical Injection of HCL Gas to Remove Metals

Process Applications For CO2 Injection

  • FeOL Static Charge Elimination
  • BeOL Elimination of Corrosion on Aluminum Pads or Traces in DI Rinse Tanks after Processing Wafers in Hydroxylamine Solvents