In-Line Ozone Injection System

Built to be installed in series with the DI water flow path, this compact infusion system is a very innovative design. Our hardware and software work seamlessly together to deliver DIO3 flows up to 60 LPM at 20 PPM. Utilizing a combination of infusion techniques in combination with fluid blending to produce exceptional results. Our systems are configurable to deliver gaseous or bubble free DIO3 at levels between 5 and 30 PPM. The SOS hardware is designed to maximize O3 gas transfer efficiency and performance. The injection system utilizes a PLC controller with touch screen interface to provide excellent flexibility and robust performance. All of our systems arrive preconfigured and fine tuned to enable quick installation startup. Process optimization is generally achieved through higher PPM levels then can be obtained by the in-line infuser alone. The proper utilization of a combination of infusion products both integral to the process or rinse tank and in-line injection can dramatically increase your resist strip speed and consistency. By proper optimization and utilization of S.O.S comprehensive infuser products resist removal rates are optimized.

DIO3 Injection System

DIO3 Resist Strip Test