Akrion Systems Spare Parts

SOS has a large stock of both Submicron Systems and Akrion Systems spare parts for Rear Mount and Gama wet stations.

SOS can guarantee these parts as fully operational and tested. The parts which come into contact with process chemical have been hard cleaned by a mixture of HCL and DIO3. We guarantee all impurities, particulate and ionic have been removed and the components flushed with 18 Meg ohm DI water. The components are cleaned and packaged in a class 1000 cleanroom.

Rear Mount & Gama
Quartz and PVDF QDR and Recirculated with and without Megasonic

SC1 Meg Recirc 200mm Qtz

Megasonic amplifiers 4 and 8 channel

Phaser Meg Amp 8 Channel

Sumitomo Down Flow Spin Dryer 150mm

Sumitomo Dryer 150mm


Akrion Gama Win 7 Computer Dual Buss

SOS has hundreds of components from Akrion Systems wet process tools. Please contact us with your needs and we will be glad to help.