New Ozone Generation Systems

IN USA OG-5000 Custom Ozone Delivery Systems

For new installations and/or existing wet process tools requiring ozone for DIO3, SOM or surface conversion rinse tanks our ozone generation cabinets are essential. SOS provides value by producing the right combination of supply gas blending, ozone generation, flow controls all integrated with the right containment, safety monitoring at the right cost for your specific needs. Providing secondary containment solutions with exhausted cabinets and ozone leak detection are often necessary but are not always required. Given the various needs of your process application and installation many ozone generation systems can cost as little as $54,000 or approach $157,000. In addition the generator electronic controls can be highly sophisticated, simplified or even eliminated in some laboratory situations.

Ozone Generation Cabinet

SOS will consult with you on your application requirements and provide the right configuration of equipment for your process saving you money, time and stress. Our technical sales support team will determine if you need a high end sophisticated system or a more basic, stable but less automated package.

Not understanding your applications specific needs can cost your organization time and money. At SOS we have the process background necessary to ensure your successful execution. We’re sure you have enough to do, give us a call and we will do the rest.

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