In-Line Carbon Dioxide Infuser

Built to be installed in series with the DI water flow path, this compact infuser has its innovation hidden inside the sealed infusion chamber. Utilizing a lower cost but high purity hydrophobic membrane in combination with a housing manufactured to optimize the efficiency of gas transfer the infuser performance is maximized. Our infusers can be manufactured in 14 or 24 inch chamber lengths depending on your particular PH response needs for the tank size in your system. Process optimization is generally achieved through the proper utilization of a combination of infusion products. By utilizing our integral tank and in-line infuser products carbon dioxide diffusion and static charge neutralization is maximized.

Infusion contractors are available in Natural Polypro, PVDF/Kynar and Halar depending on your particular infusion gas requirements or DI water temperature. Membrane protection devices are available and where used will greatly extend the life of the contractor assembly. These regulators will balance the pressure delta between the gas and DI water to maximize diffusion efficiency while protecting the membrane from rupture and fluid permeation.

Trench Etch Damage -Source Qcept Technology

Considerable debate continues as to the various causes of yield loss in the center regions of some production wafers. However ESD “Electro Static Discharge” events are clearly a major contributor to yield losses in circular patterns around the center area with some devices.

“Bullet Holes”