Pall and Entegris Filter Cartridges

Semiconductor Ozone Solutions LLC provides replacement solutions for both Pall and Entegris filter cartridges. Replacement filters are semiconductor grade and come in various pour sizes as well as material types. All PFA, PVDF (Kynar) and Natural PolyPro models are available.

The 10 inch Entegris and Pall filter housings all have standard filter connections. The replacement cartridges you purchase from SOS will provide exact Form, Fit and Function to more expensive cartridges. SOS stocks all o-ring sizes, materials and PFA encapsulated o-rings to ensure perfect compatibility for your application on each filter shipped. We stock filters for immediate delivery.

Analog device and MEMS manufacturing does not require the same level of filtration and purity used routinely in the “Bleeding Edge” Silicon manufacturing lines which are operating @ sub 30nm. GaAs, SiC, Saphire, InP and Germanium production lines have the ability to use lower cost filters without experiencing and negative effects.

We have more than 25 years experience in wet etch and clean applications for Si, GaAs, SiC, InP, and Germanium applications and chemistries. We will ensure your replacement cartridges are perfectly suited for your application and provide you with exceptional savings.

Contact SOS by clicking on the request quote link to receive more information on the specifics of the SOS infusion system features and capabilities.