CO2 Injection System

CO2 Infusion System

This SOS infusion system provides everything you need to integrate CO2 injection onto a:

  • FSI Mercury Spray Processor
  • SEZ Single Wafer Spin Processor
  • TEL Clean Track Act 8 Single Wafer Processor
  • Immersion Wet Station Rinse Tank

The system contains:

  • Injection System Cabinet with all facility connections Integral 14” In-Line Infuser
  • DI and CO2 Supply Pressure Regulation
  • CO2 Flow Control Valve
  • Directional and Pressure Protection Hardware
  • CO2 and DI Pressure Gauges
  • Installation Instructions
  • Documentation for BOM Spare Parts
  • Plumbing & Electrical Schematics

When used on SEZ, TEL or other single wafer processors as well as on FSI Mercury spray tools the CO2 injection system effectivly eliminates wafer surface charging. When used on spray or spin tools the CO2 injection system can control CO2 levels by using either DI Resistivity or Conductivity sensor inputs.  All single wafer spin and batch spray processors build wafer surface charges during rinse cycles. This charge buildup is due to the non-conductive nature of DI water. By injecting CO2 into the rinse water supply stream the surface charges are eliminated improving cleaning efficiency, device performance and wafer yield. CO2 is a completely inert gas providing a means to re-ionize the DI water in a neutral fashion thus eliminating the effect of the fluid flow building charge across the wafer surface.

CO2 Infusion System