Ozone Equipment

Our inspected, tested and refurbished equipment offers a low cost solution that can provide the infuser of your choice with the volume and concentration required.
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Gas Infuser Products

Semiconductor Ozone Solutions will provide the right infuser for your application and the technical knowledge required for its successful installation and utilization.
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Akrion System Spare Parts

SOS has a large stock of both Submicron Systems and Akrion Systems spare parts for Rear Mount and Gama wet stations.
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The AX8200D has large numbers of smaller discharges uniformly distributed over the surface of the dielectric that will form, each carrying a small amount of current that corresponds to the local displacement current in the dielectric. The surface of the dielectric contacting the oxygen has a very large resistance which prevents spreading of electrical discharges over its surface. The ozone produced as a result of oxygen ionization is then inducted to the application. Click to learn more

Astex 8200A (Small)The ASTEX 8200A Ozone Delivery System comes with Safety Monitors to detect leaks at point of use and generation. This cabinet also provides a Generator Controller which enables the generation rack to operate on command from the system requiring ozone. Ozone concentration is also monitored by the system. Click to learn more
astex 8400 series

The Semozon AX8400 series is a family of compact, high concentration, ultra-clean ozone generators offering process and cost benefits for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and water processing industries. Ozone is an environmentally friendly alternative to many chemical processes.  Click to learn more

The AX8560 incorporates high concentration, clean ozone generation technology, an integrated ozone concentration monitor, flow control, and all necessary gauges and regulators for stand alone operation. Click to learn more

Applications for Gas Injection

  • Nitrogen Agitation in Static Tanks for Consistent Process Results.
  • Agitation to Produce Extrinsic Bubbles in HF/Nitric Etchants to Improve Uniformity Issues Caused by HF/Nitric Bubbles Masking the Etch on the Surface.
  • FeOL DI Water Static Charge Elimination.
  • FeOL Wafer Surface Conversion from Hydrophobic to Hydrophilic.
  • FeOL Growing Pure Oxide Layers for Improved Gate Performance.
  • FeOL DIO3 Ashed Photoresist Residue Removal.
  • FeOL DIO3 Cleaning Process for Removal of Organics.
  • FeOL Chemical Injection of HCL Gas to Remove Metals.
  • FeOL HCL Ozone Wafer Reclaim Metal Strip.
  • EDTA NaOH Glacial CH3OOH Nitrogen Injection to inhibit CO2 and O2 absorption into the EDTA solution.
  • BeOL Elimination of Corrosion on Aluminum Pads or Traces in by Controlling PH Swings in DI.
  • Rinse Tanks after Processing Wafers in Alkaline based Solvents.
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